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Preserved flowers and leaves

You can recognize a preserved flower or a leaf by its appearance. The preservation process makes the color alive, and the texture to the touch is soft and silky. The treatment, usually based on glycerin, allows the flower or leaf to maintain the natural softness of the product. There is no single formula, but it varies anyway, a bit like a secret recipe!

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Dried flowers

The natural dried leaves and flowers are harvested fresh and dried in large dryers at 60 degrees, without any chemical treatment. These products, with the appropriate timing, temperatures and equipment reach their final appearance, including the typical characteristic of presenting themselves to the touch precisely "dry", which allows them to resist for very long periods of time.

Please note

The products are all natural and this implies that there may be small differences between stems, flowers or leaves. Similarly, the colors may differ slightly from the photo, due to small changes in the composition of the dye or in case the color is not completely absorbed by the natural product. These products do not need care and have a long life. It is very important to protect them from moisture and sunlight.

How to clean? Do not use water or products. The only maintenance they require is a small dusting from time to time with a soft cloth or a brush.

What can you do with dried or preserved flowers?
» Furnish your home
» Create decorations
» Decorate your work space
» Enrich the table for special occasions
» Produce garlands and DIY bouquets
» Set up small and large decorations for events
» Create shootings
» Give something unique